Spring Hill Physical Therapy & FYZICAL Balance Center contributes to community wellness by recognizing body, mind, and spirit in all of the people we treat.

Our highly skilled team facilitates the optimal health of each client, integrating traditional and complementary treatment methods in a welcoming and compassionate environment.

We have provided comprehensive physical therapy services to residents of western Nevada County and the surrounding areas since 1992. Our licensed professionals also offer a range of complementary treatments, including Biofeedback, Craniosacral Therapy, Trauma Resolution Therapy, and Pilates.



Physical Therapy

At Spring Hill, our physical therapists are highly skilled in both traditional and complementary methods of rehabilitation. We provide one-on-one, 45-minute sessions and include manual therapy, as well as neuromuscular rehabilitation and other treatments...


The Pilates Method is an exercise system that creates flexibility and strength for the entire body. Used for both physical fitness and rehabilitation, the intention of Pilates exercises is to improve core strength, increase muscle tone, restore confidence and control of movement...


FYZICAL® Therapy & Balance Centers focus on improving the quality of your life from a whole body approach. An excellent diagnostic tool, our therapists offer customized individual treatment plans addressing all your physical therapy and balance needs.


The staff has blessed the living of my life greatly. I experienced my first pain free moments thanks to their expertise, guidance and help. I have had pain for over forty years.

Kelley’s knowledge of scoliosis and the treatment she provided along with Marion and Camille has transformed how I live my life. Kim and Kelley’s guidance through the classes are helping on this continuing journey to better health. Thank you for these blessings.
— Susan K.