Spring Hill Physical Therapy accepts the following insurance plans:

  • Medicare

  • Medicare Advantage (replacement plans)

  • Blue Cross PPO

  • Blue Shield PPO

  • Blue Shield HMO (administered by Blue Shield of California Admin)

  • Delta Health Plans (administered by Blue Cross)

  • Aetna HMO* (administered by Nivano)

  • Champ VA

  • Veteran’s Choice Program*

  • Tricare*

  • Triwest*

  • Workman's Comp* (if in network)

*With Authorization – requires pre-authorization prior to visit for coverage.

If your insurance plan is not listed above, we still may be able to accept it. Many plans have open access, tiered, and out of network benefits.

Our billing department is happy to assist you in assessing your plan benefits.



Direct Access Seeking physical therapy treatment covered by your insurance WITHOUT a doctor's referral...

Often, a Doctor's Referral is required for you to seek physical therapy treatment. However, under current California law, you may seek treatment from a licensed physical therapist for 45 days OR 12 visits without a prescription from a physician (continued care beyond 45 days or 12 visits, whichever occurs first, will require a doctor's evaluation and prescription for continued treatment).

Direct Access can be a game changer in your recovery process. Sometimes an injury needs immediate physical therapy attention. Direct Access gives you the option to expedite treatment by going directly to the physical therapist, often saving time and money. Therapists can provide their patients with the quality of care they need, right when they need it most — no prescription necessary. For many injuries this can reduce the healing time and a quicker return to daily activities, work and full, healthy functionality.

We are happy to contact your insurance provider to determine your benefits in terms of Direct Access coverage...



Self Pay (Cash, Check, Credit/Debit Card, etc.)

We accept self pay patients (i.e., cash, check, debit and credit cards). We do offer a discount for all self pay customers. The debit/credit cards we accept are: Master Card, Visa, American Express and Discover.




We also accept CareCredit, which provides our patients the option of applying for a 6 month interest-free line of credit. If the balance is paid off within 6 months, the patient is not charged interest. Please let us know if you would like to learn more about this option. Our Billing Department can even help you apply for CareCredit while you are in the office.



If you have questions about any of the information presented here, please call our offices at (530) 274-2320. Our Billing Department will be happy to assist you!