Our Independent Gym program is an affordable option for continued access to the Pilates equipment and to continue with your therapist designed exercise program after your Physical Therapy treatment has concluded. Or if you have had a couple one-on-one Pilates sessions with one of our certified instructors and are ready to continue on your own time, the independent gym membership is perfect.


Our gym is equipped with:

  • 3 Pilates Reformers

  • 1 Pilates Cadillac

  • 1 Ladder Barrel

  • 1 Contour Step Barrel

  • 1 Combo Chair

  • 2 Exercise Bicycles

  • 1 Wall Tower

  • Wall-mounted Ladder

We also have a large variety and stock of exercise accessories such as foam rollers, stretch straps, therabands, Pilates UltraFit rings, foam blocks, exercise mats, free weights, large exercise balls, small exercise balls, balance boards, foam wedges, Pilates accessories, and more!

We offer clean towels for personal use and to clean equipment, as well as clean grip socks to use if you do not have your own. Cold, filtered water as well as hot tea are also available.

If you have any questions about our Independent Gym program, would like more details on equipment in the gym, or would like to come in for a free tour of the space, contact our front desk! 530-274-2320



Independent Gym Membership


7:30am-5:30pm | M-F

Must make appointment ahead of time for gym sessions.

Gym sessions are 1-hour long.

Members have unlimited appointments per month

Prior to joining the gym, members must complete Pilates One-On-One sessions with one of our certified Pilates instructors until the instructor clears them for independent practice in the fully equipped gym.