Currently, we offer two ongoing weekly group Pilates classes... For both of our ongoing Pilates classes, no reservation is required, drop-ins always welcome!

Below is more information about our group Pilates classes. We also offer private one-on-one Pilates sessions. All our classes are appropriate for all levels, no prior experience is required. Our instructors are licenses physical therapists or physical therapy assistants and very experienced at tailoring exercises or specific movements to accommodate individual skill level or injuries/restrictions.


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Thursdays (Ongoing)

5:15pm–6:35pm (75 min)

$20 Single Class/Drop-In
$90 Class Card for 5 Classes

To sign-up, call 530-274-2320
OR Drop-In!

Location Spring Hill Physical Therapy, Suite 165

Increase strength and flexibility while working your entire body.

Build core strength, gain postural awareness, and improve coordination, posture, and balance.

Some of the Pilates equipment that may be used in class could be reformers, barrels, chairs, arcs, cadillacs and oovs.

This class is taught by licensed Physical Therapists and Physical Therapy Assistants who are Certified Pilate Instructors.

Kelley Lear, PTA

Pilates Mat Class


Tuesdays + Thursdays (Ongoing)

9:00am–10:00am (60 min)

$12 Single Class/Drop-In
$50 Class Card for 5 Classes

To sign-up, call 530-274-2320
OR Drop-In!

*First class free!*

Location Stillpoint Studios, Suite 155

Integrate your exercise program into your daily activities.

Whether your exercise choices are to walk, run, swim, dance, garden, practice, yoga, or workout in the gym, understanding how to stabilize your core can benefit your overall physical conditioning.

Learn how to build core strength, gain awareness, improve coordintion, posture and balance in this informational and educational class!

Beneficial for everyone!

Kim Blue Falvey, PT