Marion Gilbert PT, Owner of Spring Hill Physical Therapy

Marion has been practicing Physical Therapy for over 38 years. She received her degree from Arnhemse Opleiding voor Fysiotherapy in her home country of Holland in 1978. She is the owner of Spring Hill Physical Therapy and Stillpoint Studios. Her primary focus is on manual therapy techniques. She has specific training in acupressure, muscle energy techniques, craniosacral therapy, myofascial and somato-emotional release, visceral mobilization also she utilizes trauma resolution therapy to release protective bracing patterns. Her emphasis is on evaluating and treating the whole person recognizing that true healing comes from an integrated multiple systems approach using traditional and complimentary treatment methods.

Marion is also a certified Enneagram teacher within the Palmer/Daniels Narrative Tradition since 2005 and has developed the "Somatic Awakening" program. This program is cultivating somatic awareness in people, who want to change and learn how to thrive. This method is designed to gain greater understanding of how to include the wisdom of their body and increase their sense of well being.

Besides her professional interests she enjoys being in nature, hiking, dancing, listening to music and poetry, Qigong, playing tennis, and traveling.


Marte Asumen PT, DPT

Marte graduated from La Sierra University in Riverside, CA with his Bachelors in Science degree in Biophysics with a minor in Chemistry. He went on to earn his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Loma Linda University. With both of his parents being college professors and coming from a background of teaching mathematics and sciences, he has always valued and understood the importance of education. He strongly believes that education and understanding how our bodies work and what is contributing to ailments is a crucial part of the healing process.

Marte’s physical therapy background is primarily in outpatient orthopedic settings, treating mostly patients with workplace injuries, post-surgical rehabilitation, geriatric patients, as well as active military personnel.

Believing that most things in life, if not all, are interconnected, Marte recognizes that various aspects of our daily lives can impact our physical wellbeing. He considers all factors that might contribute to the healing process and how to address each in relationship to improving a patient’s progress and healing journey.

During his free time, Marte likes to mountain bike, cycle, play basketball, go hiking, travel, and enjoy the great outdoors in any capacity.

Kimberly Blue Falvey PT

Kim graduated with a degree in physical therapy from the University of Michigan. She has experience working in a variety of outpatient settings including orthopedics, industrial rehabilitation and neurologic rehabilitation. She joined the staff of Spring Hill Physical Therapy in 1998.  

Kim’s areas of interest and experience include manual therapy, cranial sacral therapy, spine care and lower extremity biomechanics. Kim is certified in the Pilates Method with Polestar Pilates.

Currently, she is enrolled in a four year long training program in Cortical Filed Re-Education (CFR). CFR combines new brain science and the work of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais. Through movement, CFR improves physical kinesthetic awareness. CFR addresses physical limitations as well as their emotional, mental and energetic aspects. When muscular and energetic blocks and their compensating patterns are released, new freedom in movement, belief and behavior become possible.

Kim remains enthusiastic about her profession. She finds joy in empowering her patients to regain control over their movement and comfort. She teaches an ongoing pilates based mat class and Healthy Spine Class. 

Kim enjoys running with her dog, cycling, skiing and water sports with her family.

“Improve the way you move”!

Janice Coakley LPT

Janice graduated in 1982 with a degree in Physical Therapy from the University of California, San Francisco. She has spent the majority of her career working in a private practice orthopedic clinic in the Bay Area specializing in acute and chronic neck and lower back pain. She also has special training in the treatment of shoulder and elbow tendonitis.

Advanced/specialized trainings include: ASTYM, Active Release Therapy, trigger point therapy, neuromuscular mobilization, myofascial release, craniosacral, spinal mobilization, and muscle energy technique.

When Janice is not working she loves playing tennis and spending time with her husband and her two Brittany Spaniels.


Melanie Conley PT, DPT

Melanie graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a BA in Psychology and went on to earn her in Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Regis University in 2014. She believes strongly in a holistic approach to health care, and that a proactive attitude is the first step towards optimal healing.

Her primary goal is to empower clients with the knowledge and skills to help them heal the body and achieve their unique health goals. She prioritizes getting people back to activities that bring them happiness, and increasing people's confidence and independence. She utilizes manual techniques to decrease pain and improve function, and focuses on corrective exercises to improve balance, strength and mobility.

Melanie loves spending time outdoors gardening, skiing, and hiking. She enjoys dancing to live music, reading by the fireplace, and spending time with her husband, friends, and family.


Keri Dahlstrom PT, CST

Keri has been a physical therapist for over twenty years, working in Nevada County for the past ten. She earned her physical therapy degree at California State University, Sacramento. She has worked in a variety of clinical settings, including outpatient, acute rehabilitation, hospital, and integrative care.

Keri has extensive experience with a variety of neurological diagnoses including: traumatic brain injury, concussion, stroke, vestibular dysfunction, multiple sclerosis, pediatrics, children with sensory processing disorder, and general balance dysfunction. Her background also includes working with chronic pain, cancer, fibromyalgia, Lyme disease, migraines, spinal and shoulder injuries, and joint replacements. While skilled at working with adults of all ages, she also specializes in treating children and newborns.

Keri pursued comprehensive training and became adept in craniosacral therapy, myofascial release, movement re-education, reflex integration, and is a certified neurodevelopmental practitioner.

She views each patient as a unique individual with a distinct health background and condition. She seeks to thoroughly evaluate each patient's health history, goals, and strengths before determining together the best course of action to work together as a team. Keri's ultimate goal as a physical therapist is to work with individuals and their accompanying injuries in their journey of self discovery and recovery. 

When she is not working, her priority is spending time with her husband and her two sons in the foothills. With her family, she enjoys mountain biking, skiing/snowboarding, kayaking, backpacking, and camping. Recently, she and her eldest son hiked across Spain while doing a spiritual pilgrimage for 3 weeks. Her family has always made health a priority by eating right, staying active in the outdoors, practicing their spirituality, and spending quality time together.


Narayan Jorgensen PT, DPT

Narayan earned his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Evidence in Motion Institute of Health Professions and completed his Orthopedic Residency with Dr. John Seivert, PT, DPT, GDMT, FAAOMPT, CSCS.

Narayan is a movement specialist who treats orthopedic conditions of the spine and extremities with manual therapy, and corrective exercise. He specializes in sport and spine conditions. Narayan believes that movement is essential for happy, healthy living and restoring this system is of the highest priority for mental and physical wellbeing.

Narayan is an avid runner, rock climber, skier, ultimate frisbee player, and body weight fitness enthusiast.

Camille Kolodjay PT, DPT

Camille earned a degree in Anthropology from Humboldt University and went on to obtain her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Samuel Merritt University in 2010. Camille joined the Spring Hill team in 2012.

She is passionate about her specialty in women’s health, such as pelvic floor dysfunction and pre- and post- natal complications. She compassionately administers internal and external pelvic floor treatments. Camille serves the Women’s Health Team at Spring Hill as a mentor and a consultant, also co-treating patients with our women’s health specialists.

When not working, she enjoys spending time with her kids and her husband.

Katie Neeb PT, DPT

Katie graduated from Chico State University with a BS in Exercise Physiology. She then went on to attend Pacific University in Hillsboro, Oregon, where she received her doctorate in Physical Therapy.

She enjoys integrating hands on treatment with movement and is Pilates certified through Polestar. Katie uses Pilates equipment in order to create a positive movement experience in order to allow her patients to return to the activities that they love to do. Katie also treats women's health related issues. Katie is passionate about assisting people through their healing process and acknowledging the whole mind and body connection during treatment.

Katie grew up in Nevada City, CA and when not working, she enjoys hiking, camping, playing soccer and spending time with her family.

Daniela Soulux Pruzan PT, DPT

Daniela takes a wholehearted and individualistic approach to health and healing. She has been a practitioner of the healing arts since 2008, graduating as a Doctor of Physical Therapy from Emory University School of Medicine in 2014.

While passionate about education, she also honors the value of attuning to the innate wisdom the body holds for healing. Recognizing that every body is different, she takes time to listen, and provide holistic assessment. She utilizes Craniosacral therapy, spine and joint mobilization, neuromotor reeducation, as well as somatic awareness practices with training in integrative trauma resolution. Daniela also treats women's health related issues.

Daniela also loves to laugh and believes that humor and fun is good medicine. Outside of the office she enjoys travel adventures, live music, dancing, painting, and many outdoor recreation activities including biking and skiing.

Charmaine Rhine MPT, Biofeedback

Charmaine Rhine joined the Spring Hill team in 2002. She received her BA in Philosophy from UC Riverside/UCLA, a BS in Life Sciences and a Master’s degree from Loma Linda University. She has worked in a variety of physical therapy settings including specialty wound care, skilled nursing rehabilitation, inpatient, intensive care, cardiac care and outpatient orthopedics.

Charmaine has always taken a special interest in the mind-body connection since studying philosophy during her time at UCR and UCLA, so in 2006 she began her training in Biofeedback therapy. She wanted to help her patients have a better understanding of the mind-body connection and to help them increase their awareness of how their thoughts affect their bodies and vice versa.

In 2008, she received her certification in Wellness Coaching and in 2011-2013 she completed extensive training in pelvic floor rehabilitation from the Herman & Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute. In 2012, she opened her own private practice offering customized wellness programs for patients with chronic stress, chronic pain and pelvic floor dysfunction.

Charmaine's interests include fitness, being in nature, and cozying up to a good mini-series with her cats, Izzy and Henri, and her husband David.

We are pleased to continue to have Charmaine on staff at Spring Hill PT for the aforementioned services. If you have further questions about biofeedback or wellness coaching, you can visit Charmaine's website at www.charmainerhine.com or call her at 530-277-9941.


Kelley Lear PTA

Kelley earned her P.T.A. license in 1988. She has worked in: head injury, sports medicine, worker’s compensation, skilled nursing, and orthopedics. She particularly likes to work on core stabilization with “back” patients and has taught ‘Back School’.

Due to this focus, in 2009 she attended the Body Arts and Science (BASI) Pilates comprehensive instructor course and completed her final certification in 2011. She has completed continuing education in myfascial release, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, craniosacral therapy, core stabilization, universal weight lifting, and joint mobilization. Areas of treatment concentration include: Pilates, scoliosis, pelvic floor Pilates, ortho, taping, postural correction. Kelley also teaches two group classes: Pilates Equipment and Pelvic Floor Strengthening. 

Kelley has been married to her husband Paul since 1978 and has two grandchildren. She is active in the Search and Rescue community where she has been certified as a rescue ropes technician and mission ready K-9 handler since 2000. She is part of the California Rescue Dog Association and raises and trains search and rescue dogs. She enjoys hiking, silliness, and all things animal.

Christine Eschen PTA

Christine has had a lifelong passion for fitness and health with many years of experience as a certified fitness instructor and a certified massage therapist. In 2008, Christine graduated from the Physical Therapist Assistant program at Sacramento City College with an Associate Degree in science.

Her multidisciplinary experience in both acute care and outpatient clinic setting has broadened her experience with many types of patients including orthopedic, chronic pain, geriatric, as well as patients with neurological disorders. Christine has completed continuing education courses in many areas, including: myofascial release, craniosacral, balance and fall prevention, kinesiotaping .

Her most recent passion is Pilates, and she is currently working on becoming a certified rehabilitation Pilates practitioner. Her focus on the patient is concern for them as a whole healthy being including mind, body and spirit!

Christine is passionate about exercise! She loves Cardiokickboxing, Zumba , Pilates and any many other fitness classes! She also enjoys growing lavender to have around the house and to make healing lotions and essential oil. Sh also enjoys spending her free time with her family and her dog Sydney.


Carianne Boucher OTR/L

Carianne is an occupational therapist who has been practicing in multiple arenas of healthcare for the past 14 years. Her career and passion for women’s health began in 2003 when she was working with young mothers in the inner city of Worcester, MA and has expanded as she's worked with women of all ages. Moving from the east to west coast, traveling and gaining experience in all areas of practice became a part of her passion.

Along the journey holistic care became very important to her, finding that treating the body and person as a whole brings the highest quality of life. Treating the person as a whole utilizing daily practice techniques such as neuromuscular re-education, strength training, pain management, cognitive re-education and visual/perceptual retraining are among the many skills she utilizes in daily practice to attain client-centered goals.

Maintaining balance and health in her own life through her love of the outdoors hiking, snowboarding, mountain biking and community, she strives to help her clients resolve the limitations that are preventing them from fully engaging and living their lives to the fullest.


Martha Kirishian PT

Martha graduated from CSU Fresno in 1976. She worked as a staff therapist at SHPT from 2001 to 2014. Since them, she has been involved at Spring Hill via mentoring, in servicing staff, and participating in the Management Team. 

She has enjoyed a variety of continuing education including: Craniosacral Therapy, Trauma Resolution, Lymphatic Drainage, Visceral Mobilization and multiple orthopedic courses over the her 40 years.

She is now enjoying a relative life of leisure enjoying deepening of relationships with friends and family, making sourdough bread, meditating more consistently and feeling very grateful for living in such a beautiful community.