One-on-One Sessions with a Certified, Experienced Pilates Instructor

Private sessions are 45-minutes long and provide focused attention from an instructor and customization to your abilities and can be tailored to safely work with injuries or other conditions.

One-on-one, personalized Pilates sessions offer affordable treatment and access to highly experienced and qualified instructors for people who want to learn Pilates on the equipment with skilled supervision. Individual Pilates sessions can also be beneficial for people without health insurance who still require advanced strengthening and rehabilitative programs, those who may have exhausted their annual insurance benefits for physical therapy visits, or people who do not need to use health insurance who just are interested in gaining strength and function.

Duet Pilates sessions offer the same personal attention and exercise experience as the one-on-one sessions, but are designed for those who have a friend or partner also looking to join in. The duet session is a great alternative to our group class, allowing you more flexibility with scheduling and a more personalized setting to modify and advance.

Whether you're new to Pilates or experienced and prefer a more advanced routines, private sessions will be a satisfying and rewarding exercise experience.



45-min Session $75

10-Pack (45-min Sessions) $650
(*$65 per session, save $100)

Duet (2 people)

45-min Session $110
($55 per person)